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Training & Support

S & S Health Products, Inc and have developed a web based online video training series and a training manual to assist VNG technicians with learning how to operate VNG equipment.

S & S Health Products, Inc and have developed a web based video training series, a normative value manual and a power point presentation developed by a board certified neurologist to assist physicians with learning how to interpret VNG test results.

S & S Health Products, Inc and have developed a web based online video training series, a 65 page vestibular and neurological training manual and a telephone support system which will assist physical therapists in learning how to properly evaluate and treat patients with balance and vestibular disorders.

VNG System purchasers receive the following:
    Your technicians have an initial two days of personalized training and perform sample tests.
    Your technicians then receive a password to our online video training series.
    Your technicians receive a full operations manual.
    Your technicians have full access to our technical support telephone hot line.

We will provide professional component (test interpretation) training for all physicians using the VNG equipment via our online training video, a training manual and sample normative and abnormal result graphs.

We will provide FREE "sixty (60) days or up to thirty (30) VNG Over-Read (full narrative) reports with impressions and treatment recommendations", to facilitate the physician training period. The preparation of these VNG reports are supervised by the office of a licensed, board certified neurologist.

We will provide you with an on-line secure account to facilitate your receipt of each VNG narrative report. All accounts are password protected and HIPAA compliant and can be easily accessed through our web site ( for downloading and printing.

We will train a physician or physical therapist at each facility in the full use and operation of the system. The Physician or Physical Therapist will have access to our online training videos for one (1) year.

The Physician or Physical Therapist will receive our 65 page vestibular and neurological training manual. We will also supply reasonable telephone support directed by licensed physical therapists who are experts in the specialty of balance and vestibular rehabilitation.

Our Main Business Products and Services Overview

VNG Hardware & Software

The MedTrak VNG, Inc. 2012 videonystagmography system:
FDA 510k approved.

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Data Interpretation

Interpra, Inc.: VNG Interpretation software created specifically for the MedTrak VNG system.

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Training and Support

A web based, online video training library specifically designed to assist the VNG technician and the medical practitioner.

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Vestibular Rehabilitation

Online video training library, live telephone support and a 65 page vestibular and neurological treatment manual.

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Rehabilitation Hardware and Software

The Falltrak II Balance system couples Balance Software with the most popular balance board in the gaming industry.

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Professional Solutions

MedTrak VNG and its strategic alliances have created a comprehensive continuum of excellence.

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Caloric Irrigators

MedTrak VNG, Inc. is the United States National Distributor for Atmos, Inc. Caloric products:

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VNG and Irrigator Disposables

GOGGLE PADS for the MedTrak VNG Goggle.
HOSE TIPS for the Atmos Varioair Irrigator

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