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Manufactured at our factory in Henderson Nevada, the MedTrak VNG 2012 system has been utilized by clinicians around the United States since its inception as the House Infrared/Video Electronystagmography System in 1994. The previous manufacturer lost its manufacturing rights from MedTrak Technologies, Inc. in January of 2012.

The MedTrak VNG 2012 System is a mobile system which consists of a dual channel, single camera goggle assembly, an interface controller, active head rotation: infrared transmitter and receiver, DC power supply, laptop computer with a windows operating system, a footswitch, adaptor and video cable, AC power center and VNG 2.41 to 3.0 software.

The dual channel, single camera goggle assembly is light weight and durable which allows for ease of use in the busy clinical setting.

The interface controller is currently utilized to convert the analog camera system to a digital interface thus allowing the clinician to utilize modern and powerful laptops.

Active head rotation via the infrared transmitter and receiver allow clinicians an affordable way to test the Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex (VOR) which is the neural mechanism that keeps a visual image registered on the fovea during head movement.

The footswitch allows the clinician a hands free solution to pausing tests, continuing on to the next test and providing light within the goggle system when needed.

The video adaptor cable allows clinicians to view the patients eye ON SCREEN during testing.

The VNG software 2.41 to 3.0 is a proprietary copyrighted software which was created specifically for the equipment being manufactured by MedTrak VNG, Inc. This software allows the clinician to perform a full VNG test as follows:

Spontaneous nystagmus test, including gaze and fixation nystagmus: These nystagmus tests document and measure the inability of the eyes to maintain a static position as a result of peripheral, CNS or congenital abnormality.

Positional nystagmus tests: This includes supine, side-lying right and left, head positioned right and left and Dix Hallpike testing.

Caloric vestibular testing: Performed with irrigations hot and cold for both right and left (binaural bithermal stimulation constitutes four tests). The caloric tests evaluate the viability of the peripheral end organs by stimulating them with warm and cold air or water while the patient is in the dark. The resulting dizziness and nystagmus is taken as an index of the viability of the organ. This helps in evaluating the ability of the CNS to visually suppress inappropriate dizziness and nystagmus.

Optokinetic nystagmus test, bidirecitonal, foveal or peripheral stimulation: The optokinetic test documents and measures eye movements as the patients watches a series of targets moving simultaneously to the right and then to the left. The optokinetic mechanism is at work when the visual movement in one direction encompasses more than a single point.

Oscillating tracking testing: The smooth pursuit test evaluates the ability of the patient to keep a moving visual target registered on the fovea. The patient watches a moving target as it moves back and forth in a smooth pendular fashion. The saccadic test evaluates the ability of the patient to find a moving target and tests certain CNS neural integrators.

Sinusoidal vertical axis rotational testing: This is a computerized test of the Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex (VOR), the neural mechanism that keeps a visual image registered on the fovea during head movement. It evaluates the three functional components of the VOR system: the peripheral end organ, the vestibular nuclei of the brain stem and the higher central vestibular connections. The test is accomplished by having the patient move their head in both the horizontal and vertical plane. This information is useful for evaluating patients with balance disorders.

Our Main Business Products and Services Overview

VNG Hardware & Software

The MedTrak VNG, Inc. 2012 videonystagmography system:
FDA 510k approved.

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Data Interpretation

Interpra, Inc.: VNG Interpretation software created specifically for the MedTrak VNG system.

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Training and Support

A web based, online video training library specifically designed to assist the VNG technician and the medical practitioner.

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Vestibular Rehabilitation

Online video training library, live telephone support and a 65 page vestibular and neurological treatment manual.

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Rehabilitation Hardware and Software

The Falltrak II Balance system couples Balance Software with the most popular balance board in the gaming industry.

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Professional Solutions

MedTrak VNG and its strategic alliances have created a comprehensive continuum of excellence.

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Caloric Irrigators

MedTrak VNG, Inc. is the United States National Distributor for Atmos, Inc. Caloric products:

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VNG and Irrigator Disposables

GOGGLE PADS for the MedTrak VNG Goggle.
HOSE TIPS for the Atmos Varioair Irrigator

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