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The ATMOS Varioair is used for "dry" thermal examination of the vestibular organ by means of air. Special features are an extremely precise temperature control and an exact dosage of the air flow. During unchanged stimulation periods, a constant level of the transmitted thermal energy is guaranteed. The Varioairs dry therrmal examination allows for a clean, dry medium for ease of use with regards to patient comfort and for rooms where water cannot be used as the stimulating medium.

 The ATMOS Variotherm plus is used for caloric examination of the vestibular organ by means of water. The generation of biofilms and, accordingly, the spread of germs inside the unit is diminished by a thermal process for reducing bacterial count. Stimulation periods can be preset and the water flow is restricted to 150 ml/min. during stimulation. With the time control off, the Variotherm plus can be used for all types of irrigations in the ENT field; the full flow quantity of up to 430 ml/min is then available.

Our Main Business Products and Services Overview

VNG Hardware & Software

The MedTrak VNG, Inc. 2012 videonystagmography system:
FDA 510k approved.

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Data Interpretation

Interpra, Inc.: VNG Interpretation software created specifically for the MedTrak VNG system.

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Training and Support

A web based, online video training library specifically designed to assist the VNG technician and the medical practitioner.

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Vestibular Rehabilitation

Online video training library, live telephone support and a 65 page vestibular and neurological treatment manual.

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Rehabilitation Hardware and Software

The Falltrak II Balance system couples Balance Software with the most popular balance board in the gaming industry.

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Professional Solutions

MedTrak VNG and its strategic alliances have created a comprehensive continuum of excellence.

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Caloric Irrigators

MedTrak VNG, Inc. is the United States National Distributor for Atmos, Inc. Caloric products:

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VNG and Irrigator Disposables

GOGGLE PADS for the MedTrak VNG Goggle.
HOSE TIPS for the Atmos Varioair Irrigator

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